SparkVision executive summary


There are 45 million blind people in the world and 217 million have moderate to severe visual impairment. The number of blind people is projected to triple by 2050.

We are creating smart glasses that aim to make the life of blind people more independent. Out of multitude of features, our product aims to provide, we have already developed the ones we recognize as most important – “Text reading”, “Video call assistance”, “Object recognition” and a couple of others.

Collaboration with the Union of blind people in Bulgaria keeps us lean and helps us greatly in finding our market fit.

Image above shows latest prototype.

75% of blind people are unemployed and financially disadvantaged. Our goal is to provide a cheaper and better attuned to the needs of the visually impaired product while aiming to produce a technology that gets embedded in these people’s every-day lives.

How it works

A magnet-attachable camera, cable connecting the camera to the processing module and a battery. User activates a function with a button or voice-command.

Example: Blind person is alone at a bus-stop, by activating “Text reading” he can hear what is the name/number of the coming bus

Other examples: Blind person is able to read a book, get

Bigger vision

Developing this product for blind people might serve as a stepping stone for a grander mission – creating a multipurpose device for blind people incorporating functions of smartphones, developing glasses for sighted people as well