Pitch deck Demo (In progress)

What are SparkVision smart glasses?

SparkVision smart glasses are a product that brings back much of the autonomy missing from blind peoples lives. They enable

  • text reading
  • object recognition
  • Camera view sharing over internet with a relative or paid worker from our support center
  • recognizing money
  • face and emotions recognition light intensity and colour detection
  • barcode and QR code recognition
  • smart virtual assistant Alexa

With most of the blind population being unemployed or financially disadvantaged we aim to provide a lean solution for third/fourth of the price of analogous products while providing all needed functionalities and in some ways more such as working offline and providing on demand support for view sharing over internet.

Project started in the academic environment of TU Delft in the Netherlands as a passion project

Top Ten Facts On Blindness - Print

We have reached the stage of working prototype and have gotten 3 preorders and couple requests for preorders.

We work in cooperation with the “Union of blind people in Bulgaria” According to the responsible a team for technology in the union we are close to a completed product that is fully functional as expected to serve their need.

We can provide product 3 times cheaper than analogous products, while keeping 50-60% profit margin. We think price is most important selling point for blind people, because a lot of blind people are disadvantaged. We provide same functionality as other smart glasses for blind people on the market – main ones being orcam-5000€, envision 2500-3000€.

Even in Bulgaria where people have lower purchase power our price has been agreed upon by potential buyers – for now all 5 we have tried to sell.

There are 40 million blind people now and increasing to 100 million by 2050.

What we offer (and how we make profit)

75% of blind people are unemployed so we have to provide provide the cheapest possible commercial solution. We have the possibility to provide an even higher quality solution than existing products

  • (Main) To purchase the product
  • (Secondary) Subscription to get dedicated help by sharing camera view for assistance
  • (In future) We could integrate into the device to make purchases within and from the Smart glasses

The team now consists of two people – Ilko Simeonov 22 Computer science student, Ivan Cvetkov 19 just graduated high school.

We need funding for scaling outside of Bulgaria and further improving our product. Main expenses are R&D and one time initial hardware costs.

We are also developing another product on the background with the same functionality as Pearl link below: