Pitch deck Demo (In progress)

What are SparkVision smart glasses?

SparkVision smart glasses are a product that gives back many of the autonomy features missing from a blind persons life. They enable

  • text reading
  • object recognition
  • sight sharing with a relative or paid worker from a support center
  • recognizing money
  • face and emotions recognition light intensity and colour detection
  • barcode and QR code recognition
  • smart virtual assistant Alexa

With most of the blind population being unemployed or financially disadvantaged we aim to provide a lean solution for third of the price of analogous products while aiming to develop the glasses into a next generation of product for blind people by potentially integrating all the important functions of a smart phone and smart glasses out there

Project started in the academic environment of TU Delft in the Netherlands

Top Ten Facts On Blindness - Print

We have reached the stage of working prototype and have gotten request for preorders.

According to the responsible team for technology in “Union of blind people in Bulgaria” we are close to reaching the product that is fully functional as expected to serve their needs.

We are not afraid to dream to create a platform as powerful and useful as the personal mobile phone as companies like Google, Facebook and Apple (Google smart glasses/Facebook Rayban smart glasses/Apple smart glasses) have put their aim to. They have put as an objective to move the smart phone on people’s heads since the creation of the Google smart glasses and continue to work on the topic ever since.

The relevance of smart glasses continues to grow with the development of virtual worlds.

What we offer to people
  • To purchase the product
  • Subscription to get dedicated help by sharing camera view
  • We plan to integrate the environment to make purchases within and from the Smart glasses platform

Smart glasses as products for the general public may soon become common.