Model Huxley

Model Huxley

Model Huxley functionalities:

Read text
Read a book or handwritten note, see text on groceries when you are shopping. Any text in more than 20 languages!

Recognize objects
Hear what is around you in real time – cars, bikes, people and many other things. Find your book or phone? Activate the search object function and look around until you hear that they are in front of you.

Video call someone for assistance
If you need assistance in an unfamiliar situation share real time video from your camera with a friend and get assistance!

Detect faces and emotions
Memorize familiar faces and get live feedback on emotions of the person in front of you!

Enjoy the virtual AI assistant Alexa
Alexa is the best virtual assistant ready to answer any of your questions from the web and much much more!

Scene description
Know what objects are around you – know the scene where you’re at. Trees, benches and people – you are probably at the park.

Detect colour
Detect predominant colour in an image.

Save and export text
You liked some part of the book you are reading or a new favourite recipe? Save it for later!

Recognize product barcodes and count money
Apart from recognizing the barcode of a product and hearing what it is the you can also count your money by taking a picture of them.